Husqvarna Official Parts Dongle - 27012953000


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The ABS dongle enables additional features in the ABS control unit.

  • ABS mode 1:
    • The ABS function is active on the front wheel only (single channel ABS). The rear wheel can lock at any time without engaging the ABS braking.
  • ABS mode 2:
    • ABS is switched off. The front and rear wheels can lock at any time without engaging the ABS braking

ABS mode 1 is automatically activated when the dongle is inserted.

Your dealer will have the detailed functional overview for your machine ready for you.

Please note that our Husqvarna parts finder is intended as a guide only, if you are unsure about the fitment of a part to your Husqvarna, please contact us.

This part is suitable for the following bikes:

ENDURO 701 2016
ENDURO 701 2017
SUPERMOTO 701 2016
SUPERMOTO 701 2017
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Brand Husqvarna
Husqvarna Bike Model ENDURO 701 2016, ENDURO 701 2017, SUPERMOTO 701 2016, SUPERMOTO 701 2017
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